Stable savings

Are you tired of the fluctuations in the stock market and zero interest on savings from banks? With us, you can invest by lending money directly to private individuals in Sweden. This provides better rates of interest for you and the borrower. A stable investment with a predictable return. We divide your money between many creditworthy Swedish borrowers and handle all the administration.

The cost of our service is 1.8% per year of the amount lent and this is deducted from the interest paid. This means that we are only paid when you are.

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5 reasons to invest

High risk-adjusted return
Swedish personal loans are the most secure in Europe
Reliable investments even in a recession
Interest earned every month – stable cash flow
Quick and easy start-up using BankID

Smart investment

Maturity periods

The money is lent for an average of eight years, with fixed repayments every month. Many loans are repaid more rapidly and the anticipated maturity is therefore about 4.5 years. However, within 2.5 years you will have received more than 85% of your principal in cash payments. If you want to recoup a larger amount more quickly, you can sell your loan portfolio to other investors for a cost of 2%. Read more. 

Money back each month or compound interest

Each month you receive both interest and a repayment on the money you have lent. You can choose to have them paid out monthly or to reinvest them to earn compound interest. Read more.

Reliable investments

Brocc takes care of all administration for you and you own your portions of your loan yourself. This means that if Brocc becomes unable to conduct its operations, you will remain the owner. To ensure that you feel secure in the administration of your investment no matter what happens to Brocc, we have a back-up agreement with Lowell (formerly Lindorff). When your money is not lent, it is deposited separately in a client account with Handelsbanken.

It’s easy to start

Register your account using BankID
Select an investment profile and see your expected return
Make your first deposit, from SEK 10,000
We match your deposit with creditworthy borrowers
Receive your return monthly or reinvest in new loans

Who borrows your money

Personal loans are one of the most common types of loans in Sweden with about 1,500,000 borrowers. The loans are often used for various investments in people’s lives, such as down payments, renovations, buying a car or perhaps a boat. It is also common for borrowers to turn to Brocc to reassign loans with higher rates of interest than they have with a bank or financing company.

The borrowers have fixed incomes, but are generally unable to take out more mortgage on their homes or simply live in rental apartments. This makes personal loans a good alternative.

Brocc offers them better conditions than the banks – because we cut out intermediaries.

They are on average 43 years
They earn an average of SEK 30 000 / month
35% own their home
They repay the loans in 4.5 years
They have no credit ratings

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Better interest, lower risk
Money back every month
Invest from SEK 10 000

Frequently asked questions

expand_moreexpand_lessWho am I lending to?
We approve loans to creditworthy borrowers from throughout Sweden. Those who apply for a loan through us are private individuals who borrow to renovate their house, buy a car or pay off old, expensive loans and thus reduce their monthly costs. The borrowers have fixed income and are usually employees aged between 30 and 50, with an average age of 40. They earn an average of SEK 351,000 per year and are most often married or cohabiting. They own their own homes to a lower degree (35%) than the Swedish average and many have not benefited from the sharp increases in housing prices that have occurred. Since fewer borrowers own their homes and have a mortgage, our borrowers also generally have a lower level of debt than the average in Sweden.
expand_moreexpand_lessHow long will my investment be tied for?
The money is lent for an average of eight years, but borrowers tend to pay off their loans within an average of about four to five years. The fact that the money is lent over several years is quite simply a function of the market and in order to achieve a favorable risk-interest ratio, it is necessary to offer borrowers attractive maturity terms. It must be remembered that the loans are repaid continuously, making it possible to receive a stable cash flow over the entire lending period and that after two years, half of the borrowed amount has already been repaid. If you want quicker access to a large amount, you can sell your loan portfolio to other investors through our transfer service at a cost of 2%.
expand_moreexpand_lessWhat are the risks?
Lending money always involves a credit risk. There is always a risk that you will lose money if borrowers do not repay their loans. To minimize this risk, Brocc only lends money to a private individual who meets our requirements and has no registered payment defaults. In addition, we distribute your capital to several borrowers, since this reduces the likelihood of losses. If Brocc goes into liquidation, you are protected because legally you still own all claims on the loans in which you have invested. Accordingly, you did not lend money to Brocc. In the absence of Brocc, Lowell (formerly Lindorff) steps in and takes over the work of managing and brokering loans and you will receive your repayments as usual.
expand_moreexpand_lessWhat happens during a recession?
Predicting the future is always difficult. One of the major benefits of lending to Swedish private individuals is that the fluctuations tend to be considerably lower than the fluctuations in the stock market. However, during a deep recession, all types of assets will be affected. In the early 1990s, Sweden went through a depression, much more severe than the recession following the financial crisis in 2008. During that crisis, nearly a quarter of all Swedish companies went bankrupt, while “only” a couple of thousand private individuals did so. In the event of a deep crisis, we believe that loans to creditworthy Swedish private individuals with a fixed income have a significantly better resilience than other types of assets, such as shares or commercial loans.

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