A fair alternative

Banks and other financial players have long charged unreasonable amounts from customers who want to save or borrow. A fairer alternative is now available.

At our digital marketplace, we make sure that when you need to borrow money you are put in direct contact with those who want to invest money. Without expensive intermediaries.

This is a safe and secure solution that gives you a better interest rate. Regardless of whether you want to borrow or invest.

Fair finance movement

Banks give their customers poor terms, while they themselves reap enormous profits. We believe something must be done. In several industries, terms for customers have improved as technology has made it possible to eliminate unnecessary intermediaries. We believe that it is time for the same fair trend in the financial sector.

We have created a marketplace where private individuals who want to borrow money can connect directly with investors who want to lend money. In practice, this means that we are transferring power from the traditional banks to the customers, where we think it belongs.

More and more people are discovering the benefits of investing and borrowing without the involvement of a bank. We see this as rising up against outdated structures and in favor of fairness. It is on the way to becoming a popular movement;

Join The Fair Finance Movement.

About Brocc

Brocc is a Swedish-owned company that was launched in 2016. We are a digital marketplace where consumers can connect directly and exchange financial services without expensive intermediaries. Brocc is a simple, secure and smart solution that creates better and fairer terms. Brocc is registered as a payment institution with a permit from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (FI) to broker credits and execute payments in the European Union.